Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was so fun this year. Cody was dressed as a dinosaur. We went to Trunk or Treat with a Geoff's old church ward. We've been going there the past couple years. Cody had a great time. We were there with our friends Keith, Nicky and their son Gavin along with our babysitter Jennifer and her sister Liz. (they all belonged to Geoff's old church ward) Cody had a blast with glow sticks. He waved them around like they were light-sabers from
Star Wars
At this game Cody was throwing bean bags through the pumpkin holes.

Liz, Cody, Jennifer and Gavin

Cody the Dinosaur

Mommy and Cody at our church ward's Fall Festival/Halloween Party

Cody was so cute in his fat dinosaur costume. He liked wearing it and he didn't mind the cute hat.

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