Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas time is busy but fun. I had so much fun with the shopping and cooking this year. I even went out at 4:00am on Black Friday! I love spending time with family. This Christmas was wonderful.
Christmas with Geoff's grandparents
We had Christmas at Shawn and Crystal's home. Cody wasn't feeling very well so the pictures of him are not so great. We had a fun time. Here are some presents Cody got

The whole crew

Christmas morning was spent at home first:
Mommy and Daddy got Cody his own "laptop". Now he won't bother our real one

A cool wooden train from Nana Pam and Grandpa Kevin

Nana Pam sewed this neat scene blanket and buildings to drive the train on

A cute jacket was a present Cody received from his amazing babysitter Jennifer

Then we went to Geoff's dad's house where his step-mom Larraine cooked us a yummy breakfast

Here's Cody with his Aker cousins. They're all so excited to hold still for a picture!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent money and gifts to us in the mail. It was all so much appreciated. You all made our Christmas happy and special.

Happy New Year!!