Sunday, October 3, 2010

We missed Sunday morning General Conference because....

So this morning around 4:30 am I heard a sound like it's raining outside, only it sounded like it was raining inside! A pipe burst under our bathroom cabinet. I scrambled to get everything out from underneath and to get towels down because water was everywhere. Water was even leaking to the downstairs, so we moved everything away from our living room area. So we were without internet connection because we had to move out our computer stuff too. We called a plumber. They couldn't do anything when they got here because our water system is on a circut with others in our complex, our main water valve to our house was broken. So the water couldn't get turned off. We called the HOA. They sent a plumber who was able to take care of everything. He even called some drywall restoration people who came and started tearing up the wall, pealing off paint and cutting squares in the wall so they could get blowers inside to dry everything out. so now for the next 3 days we'll have what looks like a huge spider in our living room area. Now we are back on with our internet connection! How about this latest update from the Akers...What a way to start out the week!!

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