Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our New House!!

Here's our new house in Gilbert. We got the key on Saturday April 30th 2011. We are so excited. Since our family is growing, this will be the perfect home for us to be in for a long time

From the Kitchen looking into the Famiy Room

Garage! And some storage

Cody and his chocolate face on the steps


From the Living Room corner


Laundry Room

From the front door entry way

Master Bathroom. The sink on the right is slightly raised. Geoff loves it. That will be his side

Master Bedroom with a Den to the side!

Upstairs has 1 Bathroom and 3 bedrooms. 1 is going to be a playroom

Looking down the upstairs halway from the master bedroom

Upstairs looking down into the family room

Looking down from top of stairs