Thursday, December 3, 2009

The saturday after Thanksgiving we got together with Geoff's family and made gingerbread houses. It's a tradition we've done for the past couple years. It was so much fun and very messy. Candy is everywhere!

Our final result:
After we made our houses we walked down to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights. They are so beautiful and the weather was really nice.
Then when we got ready to go...

Someone's house always tips over and ours is the winner the second year in a row! Yes, our house didn't stay standing last year either. (I guess we'll be banned from gingerbread houses next year) Oh well. We just had a good laugh about this one


For Thanksgiving Dinner Geoff and I were in charge of the turkey. Our ward was hosting a turkey pit where you could bring your turkey (wrapped up in oven bags and foil) and let it cook on a hot coal bed underground. This video is our little buddy after we got home that night. He hadn't eaten dinner yet, but he was too sleepy.

Thanksgiving Day was very nice. We watched the parade on TV in the morning, got our turkey from the turkey pit and went over to Geoff's mom's house. The food was great! We spent the afternoon talking with family. I'm so greatful for my family near and far. I love you all!