Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cody's Preschool Halloween Carnival

Cody's Preschool had a Halloween carnival and it was so fun. Cody picked his costume of Spiderman. He loved going up and down this bouncy slide. He could have done it all day.
 Here's Cody in the middle of all his preschool friends right before they put on the cutest singing performance. Notice how he is surrounded by girls :)

 Cody goes to a Christian Preschool called Great Start. Their songs are cute and Cody loves to sing. He sings these songs around the house all the time.  Cody loves his teacher Miss Carrie and loves preschool. He is learning so much.

 My boys got their picture taken with Mickey Mouse
I had to take a picture of Spiderman and Spiderwoman swinging together. That was so cute.

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