Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Cody's Birthday Party was so much fun. There was cake and presents and family. We can't believe he's a year already.

After a quick bath, it was time for presents. Cody got... Lightening McQueen riding car from Uncle Shawn and Aunt Crystal and cousins
Elmo cell phone from Grandpa Jim and Nana Diane
Light and sounds train from Aunt Angie and Cousin Jackson

Little People Dump Truck from Uncle Tracy and Aunt Tori and cousins

Goofy (and squirt, a cars ball, nemo cup) from Nicky and Keith and Gavin

Thomas train and puzzle from Aunt Christy and Uncle Michael and cousins

Polar Bear Coaster and clothes from babysitter Jennifer and her family

Time to play! Head, shoulders, knees and toes is Cody's new fun game

Thank you to Grandpa Kevin, Nana Pam, Great Grandmas and Great Grandpas Horsfall and Freese for the money!!

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Mary said...

Happy Birthday Cody!! I can remember you showing up for a luncheon and you weren't pregnant anymore and he was still in the hospital. And none of us knew you had had the baby!
He made out very well for his 1st Birthday!