Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check out Cody's crazy hair one day after a nap!

He's able to stand up with assistance now. He's crawling faster too. He loves to get into things and explore. Baby gates have gone up (because he can crawl up the stairs without us knowing) and the plastic plugs have been placed in the outlets. Our next babyproofing project is to get the cabinet door locks installed
This video is so cute. There's a store called Once Upon A Child with used baby stuff. I was there one day on my lunch break-because it's right by my work- and I saw this leapfrog table. I decided not to get it at the time because we're trying to watch our spending. So I talked to Geoff about it and he said we should get it. So I went back after work and luckily it was still there! He has so much fun with it


The May family said...

Betsy, he looks *so* much like you in that second picture. Cute! Love, Christy

John and Dana Lyn said...

I didn't know you had gone back to work! Where are you working now?