Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cody's first trip to Disneyland

Well, Cody and I went on Cody's first trip to Disneyland!! Keith and Nicky were going for their anniversary. They were going to have Nicky's sister babysit for them at Disneyland for their 5th wedding anniversary. Keith had everything paid for, her ticket into the park and her hotel room. Turns out she couldn't go. So they asked me and I basically had a free trip to Disneyland. Too bad Geoff couldn't go. He had to work.

Goofy is Geoff's favorite Disney character so we had some pictures taken with Goofy. Cody was pretty good for the most part in his stroller during the day. He was asleep for the whole program of Fantasmik-it's loud and has lots of lights and he didn't even move or open his eyes.
Cody doesn't look too happy in this picture in front of Paradise Pier but he had fun.

The Sleeping Beauty castle is so pretty lit up at night. There were soooo many people here, and we came during the week.We rode the carousel and here's me and Cody with Nicky and her son Gavin. He's 2 and was tall enought to go on the Matterhorn. I was the official babysitter while Nicky and Keith went on rides. I went on some too with Nicky and then Keith watched the kids. I had fun.

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